Key Issues

Divest from the police and invest in community

We need to expand our definition of public safety beyond policing. Lansing can move public safety from being reactive to proactive by providing Lansing schools with a strong curriculum that centers mental health practices. We can provide direct support to folks experiencing houselessness and folks in need of mental health resources.

“Defunding the police” does not mean dissolving our police departments. It means being innovative in in our public safety. Our local government can focus on crime prevention tactics by providing resources to different communities. "Defunding the Police" also does not mean when there is an emergency and a citizen calls 911, they will get a busy signal. It means that someone will respond and won't be wielding a gun that can potentially end your life. I want Lansing to move in the direction of supporting residents and not punishing them because of historical and present-day oppression that limits their options.

I will work with my colleagues on the city council to establish our shared values and purpose for serving the city. True social equity means we need to have a change in priorities and raise our empathy toward each other. The question I often consider is, “If it is not a problem for you, does that mean it is not a problem?” My answer is always no.

In order to directly address gun violence, I would start by seeking the reasons behind the increase in violence. By paying attention to the findings, our changes will be proactive instead of reactive. Lansing has so much potential to positively impact the lives of marginalized communities. We can create jobs that pay living wages and fill city positions by partnering with career placement organizations.

As City Council for Ward 2, I will work with Lansing’s non-profit organizations serving our marginalized residents so they can help inform policy toward equity. Making change won’t be easy. There will be people who are upset. They will think that equity means we take something from them and give it to other people. They may think they deserve resources more than other folks. I will push to add learning opportunities to Lansing's website so that folks can read, listen to podcasts, and watch videos exploring equity and social justice on their own. It is important to not be ahistorical and understand that our current circumstances were not made by a single person and did not come about suddenly. Racism, patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and all other things holding us back from equity were caused by intentional actions over a period of time. Educating people on this history and their role in change will be vital to making sustainable strides toward social equity. Lansing deserves a better future and I am prepared to work for it.

Ensure Ward 2 streets and Parks Thrive

Ward 2 does not have a community center. Community centers are a touchpoint for citizens to access resources and build community. We need a safe place for youth to come together and build relationships with each other and the larger community around them. Our parks and streets face neglect and are rarely maintained like the rest of the city. I will make sure that ALL ward 2 areas are maintained, not just areas where the more affluent residents live.

Neighborhood associations have the ability to apply for grants, make recommendations, and be placed on "Walking Wednesday" plans which bring the mayor and their team to the neighborhood for assessment. There are areas of Lansing that do not have neighborhood associations so they miss out on being able to advocate for their area. Some of these areas are home to predominantly low-income, Black and brown residents. This highlights a continued gap in resource allocation and access that I will address once elected.

(re)IMagine Our Community together

We need to (re)imagine our community together! I plan to meet regularly with Ward 2 residents, business owners, and leaders in order to craft ordinances that positively impact our community. I do not believe that one person has all the answers, but collectively we do have the answers.

Support our Most marginalized

Lansing has amazing people dedicated to supporting our youth, elderly, and folks experiencing houselessness. We need to partner with these groups so we can support their missions and gain access to different communities so that we can serve our most marginalized residents in Lansing. What if Lansing ended homelessness? What if every person and family were food secure? These are not impossible futures. We can get there together.