About Oprah

We are the heroes we have been waiting for!

Oprah Revish (she/her/hers) loves Lansing and believes we can do better! It won’t be easy and she is up for the task of doing what needs to be done so all ward two residents can thrive.

Oprah has worked in education since 2009. Currently, she serves LGBTQA+ students at Michigan State University and Lansing’s LGBTQIA+ community as one of the co-directors for the Salus Center.

Oprah is a proud member of the Administrative Professionals Association which is an MSU union member under the Michigan Education Association.

In her free time, Oprah likes to read, make paper, spend time with friends, and walk around Hawk Island with her maltipoo doggo, Atis.

This last year has taught Oprah to find creative solutions in uncertain times. Join her in creating a new future for Lansing. This isn’t the time for “business as usual”.

We are the heroes we have been waiting for! Oprah believes we have the answers and she is up to the challenge of getting our voices heard!

Vote Oprah Revish for City Council in 2nd Ward!




message from oprah

"Our past and present have left me with one resounding truth; we deserve a better future, we have earned it. I envision a future without fear of our neighbors. We’ve been taught that our resources are limited, that we need to fight each other for basic human needs. I believe that each human being deserves all the tools they need to thrive, just because they exist. I know that if we center the needs of our most marginalized Lansing residents, we all benefit. I hope that you will vote for me to be your Ward 2 City Council member so we can build a better future for Lansing!"